Bob "Git It" Kelly, One Man Band Extraordinaire
Bob "Git It" Kelly

Artist description:
Bob Kelly (Lead Vocal, Guitar and Sax Solos). Vocal group Neil Wood, Johnny Biggerstaff, and Bill Byrd. Various Musicians from 1950 recording sessions in Dallas and Fort Worth. Clifford Herrings Recording Company, Sellers Studio and Top Ten Recording Studio (owned by Bob Kelly).

Musical influences:
Joe Turner, Clovers, Drifters, Chuck Berry, and early 1950 rockers.

Artist history:
1954 to 1959 Original Recordings of songs written and performed by Bob "Git it" Kelly. In 1958,Gene Vincent recorded "Git it" and "Somebody Help Me" written by Kelly. Now the original Kelly versions are on this CD. Also, Mac Curtis recorded "What You Want" in 1957 and Bob Kelly's version is here on MP3 as well as the CD. All of the other songs from this CD are Classic's from this great Rockabilly Legend and some are released for the first time. Check out "Chalypso" and reference to Steverino, from the old Steve Allen late night TV show. "Mmm Love" has a Whistling Solo, thats different.

Bob Kelly Fender Strat and Ovation Electric Acoustic Guitar, Fender Bass, Martin Alto and Conn Tenor Sax, Keyboards.

Bob Kelly Stage Songs Libra Records 1101, also 1954/1959 Rockabilly Original Records Libra Records 1202 thru Hep Cat Record Distributors.

Additional info:
Gene Vincent "Lost Dallas Sessions" with Bob Kelly versions of "Git it" and "Somebody Help Me".

pictures: courtesy of Bob Kelly

Bob Kelly's Official Home Page

Source: - listen to mp3 samples from Bob's new CD.