Bobby Lord, Singles Discography
Bobby Lord, 1956

Tall, solid, six foot, 189 pound Bobby Lord, is not a newcomer to the world of country music. Bobby has made his presence felt by his hard work, and good performances. Bobby attended the University of Tampa. and through the efforts of his good friend, Boudleaux Bryant, he was signed to an exclusive recording contract with Columbia records. After several years as a Columbia artist, Bobby moved to the Hickory label where he has enjoyed much success. Bobby enjoys his own syndicated TV show, loves to go fishing, and makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee with his lovely wife, Moselle and his son Bobby.  (Revival Records)

Why Were You Fooling MeCOLUMBIA 213391955
No More, No More, No MoreCOLUMBIA 213391955
Ain't 'Cha Ever GonnaCOLUMBIA 213671955
I'm The Devil Who Made Her That WayCOLUMBIA 213671955
Something's MissingCOLUMBIA 213971955
Sittin' Home Prayin' For RainCOLUMBIA 213971955
HawkeyeCOLUMBIA 214371955
I Can't Make My Dreams UnderstandCOLUMBIA 214371955
Don't Make Me LaughCOLUMBIA 214591955
I Can't Do Without You AnymoreCOLUMBIA 214591955
So Doggone LonesomeCOLUMBIA 214981956
Pie, Peachie Pie, PieCOLUMBIA 214981956
Everybody's Rockin' But MeCOLUMBIA 215391956
Without Your LoveCOLUMBIA 215391956
Beautiful BabyCOLUMBIA 406661956
Fire Of LoveCOLUMBIA 406661956
Your Sweet LoveCOLUMBIA 408191957
My Baby's Not My Baby AnymoreCOLUMBIA 408191957
Just WonderfulCOLUMBIA 409271957
High VoltageCOLUMBIA 409271957
I Know It Was YouCOLUMBIA 410301957
Am I A FoolCOLUMBIA 410301957
Fire Of LoveCOLUMBIA 411551958
SackCOLUMBIA 411551958
When I've LearnedCOLUMBIA 412881958
Walking AloneCOLUMBIA 412881958
Party PooperCOLUMBIA 413521959
What A ThrillCOLUMBIA 413521959
Swamp FoxCOLUMBIA 415051959
Too Many MilesCOLUMBIA 415051959
Give Me A WomanCOLUMBIA 415961960
Where Did My Woman GoCOLUMBIA 415961960
Before I Lose My MindCOLUMBIA 418241960
When The Snow FallsCOLUMBIA 418241960
Rose And A Thorn (A)COLUMBIA 420121961
FascinationCOLUMBIA 420121961
Look What You're DoingDECCA 321151967
On And On Goes The HurtDECCA 321151967
One Day DownDECCA 321741967
Shadows On The WallDECCA 321741967
Live Your Life Out LoudDECCA 322771968
Charlotte, North CarolinaDECCA 322771968
It's My LifeDECCA 323731968
True And Lasting KindDECCA 323731968
Don't Forget To Smell The Flowers (AlonDECCA 324311969
Yesterday's LettersDECCA 324311969
Do You Ever Think Of MeDECCA 325781969
Rainbow GirlDECCA 325781969
Something RealDECCA 326571970
You And Me Against The WorldDECCA 326571970
Violets Are RedDECCA 327181970
Wake Me Up Early In The MorningDECCA 327181970
So In Love With YouDECCA 327971971
Goodbye Juke BoxDECCA 32797*1971
Do It To Someone You LoveDECCA 32797*1971
Peace Of MindDECCA 328411971
They've Got Something In The CountryDECCA 328411971
Everybody's HereDECCA 329321972
Sweet InspirationDECCA 329321972
I'll Go On AloneHICKORY 11581961
My Heart Tells Me SoHICKORY 11581961
Precious JewelHICKORY 11691962
Trail Of TearsHICKORY 11691962
Don't Shed Any Tears For MeHICKORY 11901962
Out Behind The BarnHICKORY 11901962
Cry, Cry, DarlingHICKORY 12101963
Shopping CenterHICKORY 12101963
Life Can Have A MeaningHICKORY 12321963
Pickin' White GoldHICKORY 12321963
Man Needs A Woman (A)HICKORY 12591964
Take A Bucket To The WellHICKORY 12591964
I'm Going Home Next SummerHICKORY 13101965
That Room In The Corner Of The HouseHICKORY 13101965
That's LoveHICKORY 13611965
Cash On The BarrelheadHICKORY 13611965
It Only Hurts When I'm LaughingHICKORY 13891966
Losers Like MeHICKORY 13891966
Got Yourself SomethingRICE 5056 
I've Had YouRICE 5056 
Hello WineRICE 5063 
Looking For A Cold, Lonely WinterRICE 5063 
Your SongRICE 5068