Blast Off, The Party's Just Begun...

I think I met Blast Off in 1997 only a year after the band was formed, but you could have fooled me, they were that tight! (I had to buy them lunch and all their drinks!) When their manager Peter 'You With Me?' Bradley got in touch to see if I would do some gigs with the boys I was very apprehensive and quite frankly not too keen. In fact on the way to our first rehearsal together, I was already making my excuses and trying to think of the politest way to say 'Thanks but no thanks!'... How wrong can you be?

We have been gigging together ever since and although I still work with 'The Outlaws' I always look forward to my gigs with Blast Off. I was very sorry to see Nick leave the band to become a responsible parent with his lovely partner Emma, and thought that might be the end of Blast Off. but I underestimated Pete and the boy's determination, and having gained and lost one replacement in the space of 48 hours without as much as playing so much as a note together, they almost immediately found Tim and what a find he was!

There are some similarities between him and Nick but he's very much his own man and will make plenty of the other guys on the rock 'n roll circuit sit up and take notice. He certainly holds his own, if you excuse the expression! Driss sent me a copy of "Cry Wild" and I was bopping around to it in my car, all the way up to North Wales, shortening the journey by a couple of hours at least. Anyone watching me must have thought I was barmy! So what's new!!! What a great mixture of originals, courtesy of Driss's pen and standards, some of which I've never heard, but then I have led a very sheltered life!'. [Mike Berry, 2000]

Blast Off is:
Driss Dodson - Bass & Vocals
Darren Leggatt - Drums & Vocals
Tim Bradley - Guitar

Rockin' To The Music (Pollytone, PEPCD120)
The Party's Just Begun (Pollytone, PEPCD127)
Teddy Boy #8 (Compilation, Pollytone, PEPCD130)
Cry Wild (Pollytone, PEPCD131)

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