Black Webb Collective, Ready to Rock 'n' Roll

On a trip to London visiting friends just last week, I walked into The Pavilion in Battersea to watch and listen to a local band named "Black Webb Collective". I've known the bassplayer Claire Black for over 30 years, so I was curious what her "new" rock 'n' roll/rockabilly band sounded like. I had seen the band before, but they used to play mainly blues. Now they have set off to make an impression on the British rock 'n' roll scene.

And they did impress me! Right from the kick-off with a fabulous rendition of T-Bone Burnett's "Driving Wheel" (also recorded by Robert Gordon, with Danny Gatton on guitar). This 1st set was mainly a mix of 50s and more recent rockabilly from the likes of Warren Smith, Collins Kids, Gene Vincent, Stray Cats, Don Woody, Vince Taylor and many more. That is of course, until Andy hits the skins like a wildman on "Wipe Out", very well done! The set ended with a really impressive up-tempo "Folsom Prison Blues", what a sound! Kevin and Claire both take turns singing, but when they sing together is when the magic starts. Claire has a very sweet, soft voice. Kevin however has a raw blues voice with an edge, which compliments Claire's sweetness perfectly.

After more than a few beers I'm really getting in the mood when the 2nd set hits off with Dick Dale's "Miserlou". Wow, this Mr. Kevin can really handle his Gibson Les Paul. The set is a mix of very well picked rock 'n' roll and rockabilly songs. The songs in both sets are a very good choice, some well known stuff ('cause we all like to sing along of course), some that I hadn't heard in a while (and I was very pleased to hear again) and even a few I didn't know at all (I'll have to look into that LOL). Anyway, I enjoyed myself immensely, so if this band is playing somewhere in your neck of the woods, do drop in! You'll have great night!

A little trivia; Kevin made a strange contraption on his mic stand from a rubber drainage socket, which enables him to play "cupped" harmonica handsfree. Yes, I forgot to mention that, Kevin also plays the bluesharp on a few songs and with this piece of drainpipe on his stand, it really does sound pretty good! (Picture below).


Black Webb Collective are:
Kevin Webb - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Claire Black - Electric Bass, Vocals
Andy Lomath - Drums

Contact information:

The BlackCat, February 2014