Black Raven, Listen to the Teddy Boys Roar

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Current line-up of the band is:
Julian Wiethoff - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Torsten Leyhausen - Electric Bass
Jan Ferres - Drums

A hell of lots of guys from all over Europe and Scandinavia have, over the last twenty years or so, got together, and formed rock 'n' roll bands. With very few exceptions, there hasn't been that something special, that raw gut feeling, the sound that you feel within, the sound that tells you this is rock 'n' roll.

In the seventies, here in England, I believe we had the best that rock 'n' roll could give, Crazy Cavan, Riot Rockers, Cadillac, Matchbox and so many more. After that, again with only a few exceptions, the new bands seemed to lack that something special, that feeling you got inside, that feeling this is rock 'n' roll.

Well, here is a band that is going to put that real raunchy rock 'n' roll back in your blood, a band that sounds like they have been together since the seventies, a band that could have stood on stage at the Fishmongers Arms, and rocked the place into the ground: Black Raven.

I first saw the band perform at the Teddy Boy Weekender early 1995. It was Saturday night, well after midnight, most of the crowd were discussing whose party they were about to go to, Black Raven came on stage, and all thoughts of parties were forgotten. They played a mixture of classic rock 'n' roll and quite a bit of their own material and the party that everyone went to that night was held in Black Raven's caravan.

The four guys that are Black Raven come from Dusseldorf, Germany: Julian Wiethoff, Torsten Leyhausen and the brothers Zlatko (Yogi) and Andy Tudja. They are not just a band that play rock 'n' roll, these guys are rock 'n' roll. They play their music straight from the heart, these guys are Teds, they play their music the way you want to hear it. I know you are going to enjoy their live performanes, as much as I have, and their first album "Raven's Break Up" is going to take pride of place in my collection, along with all those great rock 'n' roll albums from the seventies. Keep on rocking, you guys, it is an honour to know you.

Sunglasses Ron, 1995

Black Raven at the Rumburk Rumble, 2004 (photo by The BlackCat)

CD Review of "No Way To Stop Me, I'm On Rock 'n' Roll"

Contact Information:
Black Raven
Reichsstrasse. 27
D-40217 Duesseldorf
Fax: +49 9415 9929 6669