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Black Cat, the band that turned me and my wife to rock 'n' roll! We first met them when they were on tour in Holland back in 1979. When we got married in 1981 we spent our honeymoon in England touring with Black Cat and visiting their friendly homes. Since the 80's there have been a lot of changes in their line-up, but on this page you will find the original Black Cat line-up that changed the rest of our lives forever...

The following flyer was distributed in the late 70's:

Black Cat have been in the rock 'n' roll circuit for some years. The group consists of six members although only five are on stage. This was a very expensive decision early on as the sound engineer Leonard "Yogi" Matthews was a raw recruit to the world of mixing a rockin' band down. He contantly demanded more money than the band all put together but his requests fell on deaf ears after a night of feed-back problems. Sometimes he managed to pick up the odd 50p that fell out of someone's pocket. Black Cat now reckon that he is worth his weight in gold as he does do a good job under some very trying conditions. He still gets 50p a night.

The leader of the band is Chris Black who plays lead- and rhythmguitar in between breaking strings, and keeps the rest of the motley lot under control.

Ricky Bainbridge plays a wild sax and keyboards with his gloves on, which gives that unique sort of after sound of the early 50s.

The drummer of Black Cat is Terry Lee Orchard, who has recently had his sideburns removed to give more speed to his right hand during solos. This cuts down wind resistance and girl fans rushing onto the stage knocking over his drums.

The pocket bass player's name is Doug Weymouth (age: unknown). He is currently the ugliest bassplayer on the circuit, and is put into intensive care during the interval to enable him to finish the set.

Trying to sing with feeling over the four above members and complete with the superb instrumentals, is Vic Richardson, a ted-come-biker from birth. He takes most of the stick from the fans as most singers do, but manages to hold his own and lay down some great rockin' vocals. In fact at a recent booking in Bristol he did lay down and could not get up again as the rest of the band took this golden opportunity to give him a good kicking. This is why he is not keen on falling about on stage and keeps his movements down to a few gestures with his fingers.

That is Black Cat, there is much more but it is unprintable.

Black Cat & Chris Black Discography:

Sunny Jim Band (i.e. Chris Black)
Get 'Em Off b/w Is He One of Those (Single, CJV Rec. JA-001, 1978)

Black Cat
Queen of The Hop (4 track EP, Gale Records, 1980)
Gonna Type a Letter b/w Race with the Devil (Single, Cheapskate, 1981)
Dance with a Dolly b/w Rudy's Rock (Single, Need Info)
For Rockers Only (4 track EP, Need Info)
Revenge (LP, Hot W-A-X LP-703, 2001)
Strollin' After Dark (4 track EP, Hot W-A-X 45-001, 2001)

Legends of British Rock 'n' Roll (2 tracks, MC, Electric Lady, 1989)
Legends of British Rock 'n' Roll (2 tracks, LP, K-Tell, 1998)

Rock & Roll (MC, 1981) with blue as well as red cover
Memories from Way Back When (CD-R, 1999)

Brian Poole with Black Cat
Someone, Someone b/w Bye Bye baby (Single, Sumatra SUM 4, 1983)
Greatest Hits (LP, Autograph ASK 773, 1985)
The Album (LP, BPCV BPC 1, 1985)
Twist and Shout (LP, Need Info)

Fenderman (a.k.a. Chris Black)
Happy Hour (CD, CJV Records FCBHH881, 2001)
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Chris 'Fender' Black, Thro' the years and still rocking !! 

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Chris 'Fenderman' Black
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