Benny Joy, Never To Be Forgotten
Benny Joy

Benny (Benjamin) Joy was born in Atlanta, Georgia on November 5, 1935. Soon after his birth his parents moved to Florida where he grew up and was taught by friends how to play the guitar. He got to know Big John Taylor and together they decided to make a record. The owner of the TRI-DEC label in Florida, Daz Dodds, was only too happy to give the boys a break and the result was couple of songs amongst which Spin The Bottle well-known and sought after by rockabilly fans. The version on TRI-DEC is different from the one later cut for Dixie. Other recordings of the same time recorded in Florida are "Little Red Book", "Hey High School Baby" and "Miss Bobby Sox". After he switched to RAM/Antler some more good rockers were made like e.g. "Ittie Bittie Everything". During 1958 he toured Europe and had shows in Paris, Milan and even Zagreb with people like the Platters, Fraternity Brothers, Ray Scott, Barry De Vorzon, The Flairs, Big John Taylor, Johnny Mangano & The Blockbusters and Linda Hayes.

A similar tour was repeated durings 6 weeks in the summer of 1959. At that time "Crash The Party/Little Red Book" was even issued in Italy on Broadway 1004. In more recent years he has strived to gain a wholesome and understanding knowledge of his beloved music business. He has been a disc jockey and later worked with a Mercury record distributor. He has appeared on many local and nationwide radio and TV networks, both nationally and internationally including Dick Clark's American Bandstand. While under contract with Decca he wrote and recorded "Sincerely Your Friend" a best seller. Many other artists have discovered the simple and sincere, yet unique power of his songs and writing ability. People like Marty Robbins, Jackie Wilson, Charlie Rich Burl Ives, Debbie Reynolds, Johnny Rivers and Carl Smith have recorded his songs.