The Billygoat Riders, At The Hogs' Beer Party

Did we have a party! Harley Davidson Club "The Hogs"  had their annual beerparty on May 4th, 2002, in The Hogs' Clubhouse in Sluis (Netherlands), and they invited the Billygoat Riders from Belgium to liven up the party with their hot rockin' music. We dropped in at about 10 PM and the band had just started to play their first set. Although the Billygoat Riders have been around for over a decade, I had never seen them live on stage. It may have been the first time I saw these guys live, I can assure you it won't be the last! What a show, what a night!

The Hogs' clubhouse is not all that big and the band was installed in a corner, with the drummer and lead guitarist on top of the pool table, and the singer and bassplayer in front. It looked pretty neat, shows what you can do with just a little ingenuity. The Billygoat Riders are actually 3 brothers and a friend, which makes it a four piece band with lead guitar, upright bass, drums and vocals. The boys presented us with a very energetic show with lots of selfpenned songs and a variety of the wildest covers, which included Johnny Carroll, Sonny Fisher, Mac Curtis, Carl Perkins, Charlie Feathers, Johnny Burnette, Terry Noland and Red Moore. A fabulous version of Al Ferrier's "Let's Go Boppin' Tonight" is still echoing in my head.

The gang was supposed to play 2 sets, but hey, we just couldn't let 'em go! And they were glad to throw in a third set, which was even wilder, probably because we were getting quite loaded, and so was the band, judging from a wild impersonation of a Harley Davidson by singer Yves on Crazy Cavan's "My Little Sister Got A Motorbike". They even tried a bit of "Sadie" on request, but although we appreciated the effort, this one (and Dixie too) needs a little work boys!

The Billygoat Riders also have a CD out titled "Rock, Bop, Jump & Hop", packed with 15 self penned rockabilly tracks! Contact the guys to get yourself a copy, or better still, hop in on their next gig. I've said all there is to say about this band, the pictures speak for themselves. Leaves me to express a BIG thank you to the Hogs for this fabulous evening and for letting us crash on their loft. Special thanks to Max for the bacon and eggs and the splendid "real" coffee the morning after...

The Billygoat Riders are:
Yves - Lead Vocals, Washboard and Spoons
Chuck - Guitar, Electric Bass
Guy - Double Bass, Dobro, Banjo
Buddy The Kid - Drums, Backing Vocals, Mandolin

Information and bookings:
Guy Messany
Beekstraat 77
8730 Oedelem
+32 (0)498 461771

Text & photographs by The BlackCat, 2002