Bill Fadden & The Silvertone Fliers, Bop Party

Bill Fadden & The Silvertone Fliers play true and pure vintage style rockabilly, with nothing added apart from a whole bunch of talent and enthusiasm for the 1950's sound and style. Their performances make a musical style, now half a century old, sound as fresh and new as it would have done in 1955! Their sparkling debut CD "Bop Party" has a 50/50 split of new original material and covers from the original era. With talents like Fadden and his band, we can rest assured that pure rockabilly music will be flying high in the 21st century!

Bill handles the vocals and rhythm guitar with fire, whilst Buddy Coles steps up the heat with scorching guitar licks on his ES-295. Jack Boxwell handles upright bass and keeps everything jumping whilst Katie-Jane, the U.K.'s No.1 female rockabilly drummer, handles the big beat at the heart of their sound. Taking their cues from the sounds of the King, Starday and Sun record labels and compared by some to Wildfire Willie and The Raging Teens, they formed in 1999 and played their first gig just a month later, an inconspicuous debut in an Irish pub where they were billed as Tipperary's top rockabilly sensations! With original guitarist David Dodds they started to make a name for themselves astonishing crowds across the country with their wild onstage antics and authentic sound.

In August 2000 they made some demo recordings with John Lewis of The Rimshots. These recordings brought them to the attention of Raucous Records who signed them up immediately. The band began working on their debut for Raucous in Autumn 2000 and Bop Party was released in 2001. The album was recorded at Alan Wilson's Western Star Studios and has received rave reviews and radio airplay on rock 'n' roll shows across Europe and America. Tracks from the album are also filling dance floors at record hops across the UK.

2001 also saw them making their London debut at the famous Tennessee Club and their live debut on the continent, appearing on stages with the likes of The Hillbilly Boogiemen and The Roundup Boys who also backed up Bill when he made an appearance in The Queen Vic at the Hemsby Rock 'n' Roll Weekender. Unfortunately at the end of a highly successful year guitarist Dave Dodds announced he was quitting the band. Whilst it was hard filling Dave's shoes, after auditioning many candidates they settled on Simon 'Buddy' Coles. He had played with Bill and Katie-Jane in their previous band The Rockateers but after they split up had decided to concentrate on his university studies. He makes a welcome return to the Rockin' Scene. He played his first gig as a Silvertone Flyer in Newport at the end of December 2001 and is looking forward to a long career with the band.

The Silvertone Flyers lined up:
Bill Fadden - Vocals, Rhythm
Buddy Coles - Lead Guitar
Katie-Jane Fielding - Drums
Jack Boxwell - Bull Fiddle

Contact information:
Blackjack Records
24 Claudius Way
Lydney, Glos, GL15 5NN

Information provided by Bill Fadden, 2002