Big John Bates & The Voodoo Dollz, Psycho-A-Gogo!

Promoters in Spain, Germany and Belgium were amazed at the unbelievable impact of the show that Big John Bates & The Voodoo Dollz brought to European festivals and clubs in 2002. Not only does Big John's music fire up audiences (CDs distributed worldwide by El Toro Records in Spain) but men, women and even kids line up each night while the Voodoo Dollz, the most interactive burlesque show anywhere, decide who to tease, torment and ride! And although that gets lots of attention, the show is packed with even more. Big John Bates kickstarts the uninhibited, devilish fun when he picks up his Gretsch and howls out his patented raunch & roll while sCare-oline, the tough, sexy belly dancer playing standup, gets everybody worked up with her icy stares and by slapping that big bass like it owes her money. Hundreds of fans in the U.S. (where BJB has been touring for the past few years), Canada and now Europe, have been telling everyone in earshot that this show is the most fun they've had in years. Now Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz are ready to unveil their newest production: Psycho-A-Gogo!

Much of the visual impact of the show is due to the considerable talents of The Voodoo Dollz, a.k.a. the Bad Girls of Burlesque, Bombshell Betty and L'il Baby Chaos. The Dollz have created many personas and wicked outfits including Polynesian natives, PVC nun and naughty schoolgirl that go with their unique and original choreography. While Big John is MC-ing the proceedings, they've been known to do 1940's PVC nurse outfits, entice people onto the stage, bind 'em in duct tape, undress 'em and operate! As black leather seductresses they've turned dozens of stages into their own turf wars with some dirty catfights. They're also touring with the Russ Meyer Festival (Sept 2002) playing 6 countries in Europe with the three female leads from the 1960's B-movie classic Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill, and headlining their own burlesque show.

This amazing show knocked thousands of fans dead in 2002 at festivals like Los Angeles' Rockin' Ruckus with Robert Gordon, the Go-Getters & Deadbolt, the 10th Annual Psychomeeting in Spain with Demented Are Go, Restless & Celtic Bones and at Belgium's infamous Sjock Festival with the New Bomb Turks, where BJB & the Voodoo Dollz headlined the second stage. They scored a feature cover article in Maclean's Magazine when their spicy presence was requested at Salt Lake's 2002 Winter Olympics. With lyrics populated by very bad girls, devil motorcycles, and the unnatural meshing of man and machine, Big John Bates' psychobilly style of rock'n'roll (which has been favorably compared to the Amazing Crowns, the Cramps and Dick Dale) has been growing ever more popular due to their constant touring in clubs throughout the western U.S.A. & Canada since 2000. Aside from the many great performers that they have done shows with, folks like the Reverend Horton Heat and the Hillbilly Hellcats have shown up to cheer 'em on.

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