Big Daddy & Rockin' Combo, My Cadillac Kids

Big Daddy: Self-made Rock 'n' Roll singer! The man can't sing or play, but boy he rocks! He has been around music since the 1970s. His first contact with Rock'N'Roll was through his Uncle 'Emppu', who played bass in a local band in Ypäjä. The band was called Good Grief and they play classic rock'n'roll and The Beatles stuff. Then he heard the legendary Teddy & The Tigers back in '79 and his own rock'n'roll dream came alive!

1981: in Lieto he met Spatteri, Relli and Be-Bop-Puma, and together they started a band called The Blue Caps, influenced by Gene Vincent natch! The kids were playing in Relli's garage almost every day... Wash Machine Boogie and Blue Moon Of Kentucky. Finally the band slipped away and the Rockin' Combo started: the line up at kick off was Jorkke (double bass), Mike River (lead guitar), Relli (vocals & rhythm guitar), Spatteri (drums) and then there was Big Daddy foolin' around.

In '85, Big Daddy, Spatteri and Jorkke built a band called the Maniac Rockers From Hell. Yep, they started to play pure Psychobilly and after summer the band split of course. So B.D went to the U.S.A. in August 1985. Finally, at the end of '87, Big Daddy met Maukka and Läde. The Dream Baits were ready to rock! Then they changed their name to the Lost Boys & Suur-Suomi. Big Daddy wrote their own songs and they got their crazy sound, Psychobilly with a bit of Hanoi Rocks.

They sang for a while in English, and then started singing in Finnish! Suur Suomi then made their demo tape in the Spring of '89, in Vääksy. It included songs like Karjala Takaisin, Mauri, Isoveli and Paikka Kurjuuden. Their manager Haza-Maza sent it around to all the record companies, but nobody got the idea! Then they got a new lead guitar player, Pilsu, and Jupiter Stroll were born... and before Xmas also died.

In '99, at Big Daddy's wedding, the main group of today's Rockin' Combo (with 'Emppu' playing bass) peformed two old songs. After that, in the 21st century, the Rockin Combo have had a few gigs around the Turku area. Big Daddy was joining with his rhythm guitar and a few songs at that time. But then the boys were sittin, drinkin' and talkin' bout our lives two years ago. They talked about the good ole days, the family's music and the future. Big Daddy said when he turned 40, he'd make a record! The boys agreed. "Yeah, and let's shoot a video too", said Spatteri! This was back in 2006.

Then the band started to rehearse with Spatteri, Jorkke and Big J in spring 2007. Come the end of July, the guys went to the studio. And boy we rocked! Or we thought so. Big Daddy got the notion that it'd be cool to have somebody famous in the Finnish Rockabilly scene on our CD. Who would it be??? Well, it's a cat that brought Rockabilly to the cold North in 1977. Mr Finnish Rockabilly himself, Teddy Guitar! Big Daddy called Teddy and he promised to play on "She's Too Young "and do the backing vox on "Rockin' Daddy".

Then we decided that if we play at Big Daddy's birthday party, we had to have experience of playing to a live audience. Thanks to Big J, who started to sell our shows. Our goal is to be the worst Rockabilly band in Finland! And that's not hard for us to do. On stage we have fun and make jokes of our show! The band's sound is back to the '80's and that's the way we want it to be! Big Daddy & The Rockin' Combo continue to play around Finland and are soon gonna play in Europe too!

The debut CD "My Cadillac Kid" (Jupiter Stroll Records - Jupiter CD 001) is now out! You can order it by e-mail.

Keep on Rockin'!!!
Big Daddy

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