Betty's Doghouse, Trouble Up The Road!

Betty's Doghouse started off in 2001 after the Cheeky Blighters broke up. The trio plays original rockabilly and early rock 'n' roll from the fifties era. They got the name from Grim Natwick's famous 1930's cartoon "Betty Boop". Betty Boop is Eric's favorite cartoon, he even paintbrushed Betty on the back of his bass, and that's where the "doghouse" part came from. Eric grew up listening to Buddy Holly and Johnny Burnette and in 1996 he first joined a band called "Rebound". In 1998 he started a new band himself called "Cheeky Blighters". Eric's wish for the future is to be on stage with The Paladins.

John says he was hooked on rock 'n' roll since he got his first Elvis Presley record on his 5th birthday. can you dig that! He started drumming when he was 12. His brother told him one day that the Cheeky Blighters needed a new drummer and the rest is history (in the making).

Barry was born and raised in a musicians family and was mostly influenced by great artist from the 50s like carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Johnny Cash. He likes playing his vintage guitars, connected to his own Fender Blues Deluxe Amp. He also digs The Paladins and The Planet Rockers, and I've heard him do a mean "Trouble Down The Road", a Jackie brenston original, greatly covered by Sonny Goerge and the afore mentioned Planet Rockers.

Barry Hoff - Vocals, Guitars
Eric Ter Beek - Doghouse Bass, Backing Vocals
John De Pree - Drums, Backing Vocals

Contact information:
Johnny De Pree
Gravenstratt 65
4331 KN  Middelburg
Phone: +31-6-13522005

Compiled by The BlackCat, 2003/2010