The Bellhops, A unique blend of Rock-'n-Roll, Blues and Latin

In 1988 a few young guys from Venlo started on an adventure that is still successful. After practicing for several weeks, they decided to record a demo and send it to several different record labels. Shortly thereafter they were contacted by MAC Records in Belgium, and in 1989 their first single, "A Nickel and a Dime" was recorded.

After a lot of shows on the local and international scene, they decided to go further and contact was made with Rockhouse Records. It didn't take to long before Rockhouse decided to record their first full album. In 1992 "Isn't Gonna' Take It No More" was released. The success form this album opened up a lot of doors that would lead to new adventures for the group.

The Bellhops have played on a lot of festivals throughout Europe. And they were being asked to play backup for a lot of well known artists. For the promotion of their first CD, during the international Rockhouse meeting, they were asked to play with Johnny Powers. And because of their professionalism and diversity, their performance did not go unnoticed. And this resulted in the collaboration with many more American and English artists. To name a few: Sonny Burgess, Eddie Bond, Billy Lee Riley, Charlie Gracie, DJ Fontana, Johnny Powers, Graham Fenton, Dave Travis, Sandy Ford, Ray Campi.

Ray Campi was so impressed with the Bellhops, that he asked them to record an album with him. Rockhouse Records was also very interested in the collaboration between the two. And this resulted in the release of the album "Rockin' Around The House" in 1993. The music on this album was diversified. It contained the standard Rock/n/Roll songs as well as a lot of country tunes.

After this album the band wend through some changes that also had an influence on their music. This can be heard on the album released in 1994, `Wild Wet And Juicy`. This album was well received and it opened up `NEW` musical doors. The songs sounded totally different than what you were accustomed to hearing from the Bellhops. But this was reflection of who they were as a band, someone who stood behind what they believe in and at the same time be willing to try new, not heard before, ideas.

In 1995, in between their busy schedule, a new album was recorded with Charlie Gracie on the Rarity Record Label.

A few years later, after trying several different and new musical adventures, Emilio Garcia decided to continue what he had started. But now he would have some help from his son, Enrico, on drums. Soon hereafter, the second album with Ray Campi titled `One More Hop` was recorded on the Raucous Record Label. After the release of the new album, it was obvious that the reputation of the Bellhops as a group that plays good music and gives you a good show, was still in tact.

In 2007 the Bellhops contacted Sun Record legend `Billy Lee Riley` and asked if he was interested in recording a Rock-n-Roll album together. His answer was, `Of course, always with the Bellhops`. They were happy to work with him and the end result speaks for itself. The new cd will be released in Jan. 2009 and you can buy it at all the record stores.

So who are the Bellhops?
Three very talented musicians who share the same passion and love for their music. Their music is a mix of Rock-n-Roll, Blues, Swing and Latin and their shows are something that you will remember for a long, long time!!

Emilio Garcia - Guitar, Vocals
Martijn Ubaghs - Double Bass
Enrico Garcia - Drums

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Contributed by Emilio Garcia
Used with permission, 2009