Southern Backtones, Texas Voodoo Rockabilly

The Southern Backtones are diverse and dynamic. They can easily make the transition from the classiest swing bar to the hippest punk scene. This trio of musicians evoke sounds from an eclectic variety of influences like: Elvis, Chris Isaak and the Misfits. By taking elements from surf and rockabilly, they summon up eerie voodoo and Texas twang into a new swinging hybrid of tunes.

Deriving their name from a murderous ghost story that took place along Hayes Road in the 1950ís, this three piece features some incredible talent.If you donít know them Iím pretty sure youíre not expecting much. Well, boy do they deliver! With influences from Glenn Danzig, The Cult, Social Distortion, Dick Dale, Robert Johnson and Chris Isaak, but with their own twist in an eclectic mix... these boys rock! (Savannah - Pile Magazine #30, Houston)

Nine songs of down-home Texas Voodoo! Easily one of the best records Iíve listened to in a long time. The Backtones kick it off with "Fallen Angel," a hard driven story of loss and remembrance. Other tracks include "El Camino Peligroso," my personal favorite, that has an entrancing surf quality to it. The last track "Girl Named Gone" proves that girls are the devil! This album makes you wanna hit the repeat button." (Chris Beast Pile Magazine #36, Houston)

We got to visit the Southern Backtones one wednesday night and I would say they played a sort of rockabilly music with a little twist of their own. They were pretty damn good! If you havenít gotten acquainted with the greasers of today, then you should check them out sometime! (Cruisiní Time Magazine - April 1999)

"Los Tormentos De Amor" (PFROO9), the debut CD, contains 9 tracks and was released by Pinche Flojo Records in late 1998. The CD contains the crowd favorite "Fallen Angel" which was also used on the Levi's B2SY2K Promotional CD in conjunction with 'Stage Stores.' The Southern Backtones were chosen to showcase the 3 week Leviís/Stage Stores B2SV2K tour of Texas. Equipped to perform on top of a stretched Humvee limo, performances included Bealls parking lots throughout Texas.

The Southern Backtones are:
Hank Schyma - Guitars, Lead Vocal
Mykel Foster - Bass, Vocals
David Taylor - Drums
Kevin Patterson - Drums, Vocals

Pinche Flojo Records
P.O. Box 540151
Houston, TX 77245