The Alley Kings, Space Mobile Studio Recordings

The Alley Kings are a four piece solid rockabilly band from Oporto, Portugal. The band started their activity a few years ago, when two Oporto bands split up. (The Stompiní Stones and The Rockin Cats). Since then the band has suffered some line up changes till the current line up. Soon they started to gig all over Portugal and got a very positive reaction from the people who went to see them! In 1999 the band was invited to play at some major rockabilly events as well as in the major Portuguese venues.

Early in 1999 the band played at the best Portuguese gig club, "The Hard Club," and recorded a couple of songs which ended up in what would be their first record release, an eight track CD called "Crash the Party at Hard Club." During the mid summer of 1999, when the band was promoting the CD, they had the chance to cut a few songs with vintage studio equipment at the Paris' "Space Mobille Studio". This resulted in the release of a four track EP called "Space Mobille Studio Recordings," which really sounds as if it was recorded back in the golden fifties. Original real gone rockabilly!

EP Liner Notes:
The Alley Cats debut platter is finally out! I had the pleasure of seeing these buddies o'mine from Porto, Portugal, start up a few years ago and become this solid rockabilly combo. I could use a lot more of this sleeves space and brief ya'll 'bout thier story, but then ya'll would probably say - "Cut me some slack dude! We wanna listen to the record, let 'em do it!" So that's what I'll do, set this hot piece of wax on yer turntable and let it flat get ya, I betcha it will!   - Pedro Serra, The Tennessee Boys -

The Alley Kings are:
Ivo:  Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Oscar:  Lead Guitar
Joao:  Upright Bass
Toky:  Drums

Information and bookings:
The Alley Kings
Apartado 1187, 4465 S.M. Infesta
Tel: 00 351 919340407
Space Mobile Studio
18 Rue Ravon
92340 Bourg La Reine
Tel: 00 331 46641597