Alien Rebels - Strange Feelings
Strange Feelings

If you were an alien studying earth culture, you might call what we do, "post ancient earth music". It is a few steps past punding on a hollow log and many steps away from the modern synthetic sound. It has elements of rockabilly, surf, country, folk, latin and jug band music. Some say that if music were sculpture The Alien Rebels would be producing chain-saw art. This is a compliment to us! We don't know exactly what to call our sound, but you can decide for yourself. There are a lot of people who have given our band encouragement. They are the individuals who request The Alien Rebels on the radio, or mention us to their friends. These people are the ones who have come to our gigs consistently and danced up a storm. Maybe you are reading this and have never heard of The Alien Rebels, then you are probably a special person. We dedicate "Strange Feelings" to you!  The Alien Rebels.

The Alien Rebels are:
Terry Anderson; drums, vocals, etc.
Lance Loree; lead guitar, vocals, etc.
Mark Sadler-Brown; rhythm guitar, vocals, etc.
"Suitcase" James Stanley; bass, vocals, etc.

"Strange Feelings" review by The BlackCat:
Wheather you call it rockabilly, rock 'n' roll or surf, either way this cd contains 15 tracks of great rockin' music. The titel song "Feelings" is true original rockabilly for sure, where the second track "Driving wheel" is also a great rockabilly track that makes you want to hit the road with your car-stereo  on max-volume.

"Houndstooth Jackets", still rocking, is a very well done mix of rhythm & blues and country music. "I trusted you", one of my favourites, is a slow rocker with great vocals. This one sure will send shivers down your spine! Did I mention surf? Yes! "Surfin' The Net" is a real cool surfer, perfect lead guitar.

"I lobster and never flounder" has some folk-influences, but also a contagious driving beat. Web Pierce's "Teenage Boogie" is very well known and cannot be improved, still sounds very nice though. Jack Earl's "Slow Down" is very well done with a strong bass-rhythm and Johnny Burnette's "Lonesome Train" is still one of the best rockers ever made. This Alien Rebel version is hot!

Track 14 is (re-)named "Bop" and actually the reason I wanted to have this cd. Don't let the titel fool you, it's a Crazy Cavan original (Bop Pretty Baby) and it really rocks your socks off! Wild man!

The spacy "Alien", the last track of this cd, sounds a bit to modern for me. It's got a good driving rhythm, but also has too many psycho influences. Not really my cup-of-tea...

All things considered I can only add one more thing: Git It!

The Alien Rebels can be contacted:
Suite 100-621 9th. Ave. N.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1E3
Phone: (403) 283-9452 or 933-3365