Alex Valenzi and the Hideaway Cats (Brazil)

Alex Valenzi and his band, The Hideaway Cats, have been on the rock 'n' roll road for 18 years, proving to be real showmen with spotless musicianship! The band's performances are always unique, with an impassioned list of songs of their own and also classics from the 1950s. Their idols go from the 1940s up to the 1970s, including Elvis Presley, Big Joe Turner, Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley and the Comets, Chuck Berry, Stray Cats, and so many other important personalities in the history of music.

Flirting with styles like rockabilly, rock' n' roll, rhythm and blues, blues, boogie woogie, swing, jump-blues, and country music, the band has already been on stage with legends such as James Burton (Elvis Presley's guitarist), Kenny Lovelace and Buck Hutcheson, (Jerry Lee Lewis's guitarist), Bill Haley and the Comets , Little Richard, and opened six Jerry Lee Lewis concerts in Brazil; Lewis even invited them to play at his 60th birthday.

Opening for Jerry Lee Lewis at the Music Hall em BH, Minas Gerais (Brazil).

It's the most outstanding band on the South American scene and overseas, and the biggest legacy of Jerry Lee in Brazil.

In two instances, the band brought the guitar player James Burton to Brazil. At the first time, in 1995, they produced a record with Burton and Kenny Lovelace at Aeroanta, in Săo Paulo. On the band's 15th anniversary, they recorded the DVD 15 Years on the Boogie-a-Billy Rocky Road, including classics like Jambalaya, Roll Over Beethoven and I'll Never Stand In Your Way.

They were the first band in Latin America which participated in the Rockin' 50's Fest in Green Bay, Wisconsin, one of the greatest rockabilly festivals in the world, in which they played with Little Richard, Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister's Head Cats band, and Stray Cats' Slim Jim Phantom. In 2008, they were invited to play in Orleans, France, by the Frédéric Boutellie School of Dance (FIVA). In 2009, they performed at the 12th edition of the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend festival, where they caused great delight and played with stars like Lew Williams, Dale Hawkins, Charlie Gracie and the great Royal Crown Revue band.

In August 2010, the city of Senigallia, Italy, was taken by the authentic rock 'n' roll, and Alex Valenzi and the Hideaway Cats did not miss that great party; once more they were there, entertaining Europeans with the Brazilian identity. It was a week full of entertainment when the only Latin American band made their point at the Summer Jamboree Festival, in which Chuck Berry and Wanda Jackson were also performing! The band has also performed at several TV channels such as Globo, SBT, MTV, Multishow, TV Cultura, amongst others.

The great musician Alex Valenzi is one of the few boogie-woogie pianists in our country, a benchmark in national rockabilly. Showing the strong, upbeat, catching style of 1950s good old rock n' roll, the boogie-woogie man searches all sources in order to enrich his playing skills increasingly. Catchy in nowadays rock n' roll, he and his band renew the biggest classics immortalized by great icons.

Contact information:
Margarida Valenzi
Phone: +55-11-2978-4297

Press Release, 2014
Courtesy of Alex Valenzi