Alex Boogie Trio, The Shotgun Connection
Alex Delrue

The idea of the Alex Boogie Trio started back in 1989 when some local musicians from Belgium and France first started a trio with sax, boogie woogie piano and drums. The pianist was a real good boogie woogie player, who had great control over the basslines (many bands use a bassplayer for the bassline). In 1991 the trio did some live recordings, which were issued on the b-side of an LP, with some Shotgun tracks on the a-side. A year later the (French) pianist had to leave the band, because of his medical studies. The trio disbanded, a replacement could not be found at that time. Alex Delrue (the drummer) had regular contacts with Shotgun and they did some live shows together. Alex became friends with Dave Briggs, Robin Murly and Bob Burgos which resulted in some sessionwork in the studio together with Dave and Robin. The efforts can be heard on Bob Burgos' CD "Hometown'Rockin".

Alex Boogie Trio is:

Dave Briggs - Vocals, Lead guitar
Dave played in his early days with "Red Beans & Rice" (R&B oriented band), Flying Saucers (LP "Flying Tonight"), The Wild Angels and currently with The Avengers. He became a member of Shotgun and did a lot of sessionwork live as well as studio. He built up his own guitarstyle. In his playin' you can hear influences of his favourite guitarplayers such as James Burton, Scotty Moore, Danny Gatton and Chuck Berry.

Robin Murly: Vocals, Fender C Bass
Rob started with The Vikings and later joined The Cruisers. He is a founder member of Shotgun, did many sessionwork, recordings live gigs etc. Rob is one of the most energytic bassplayers you'll ever meet. His career is based on the same line as Dave. Both started their own band "The Ravens" with Les Bailey on drums. Dave and Robin are true professionals touring Europe as members of Shotgun, Wild Angels and Freddie Fingers Lee. They did backingwork for Screaming Lord Sutch, Sonny Burgess, Ray Campi, Johnny Legend, Janis Martin and Mac Curtis.

Robin Murly

Dave Briggs

Alex Delrue - Drums
Alex played drums in a dance band Jazz, he learned from rock 'n' roll records until he met a 'real' and one of te best rock 'n' roll drummers on the circuit; Wild Bob Burgos. That changed a lot and nowadays Alex plays Bob Burgos' style wherever and whenever he can. A hard solid backbeat with a fast ride on the cymbals. He's also founder member of the rock 'n' roll and rockabilly band "Houndog".

On live events you can hear Shotgun and Ravens material next to some covers from artists we all love. A mixture of rock 'n' roll and rockabilly with a hard drivin' rhythm and a solid backbeat. If you like a show with a lots of energy pumpin' out the speakers than you found the right band "Alex Boogie Trio."

Just some CD's to get an idea about the band's abillities:

CD Hometown Rockin' (Wild Bob Burgos)
CD Born To Rock (Freddie Fingers Lee)
CD The Ravens
CD The Legendary Shotgun (Early recordings)
CD Shotgun Rides Again
CD Double Barrel (Shotgun)
CD Viking Rock (Shotgun) 
LP Shotgun meets Alex Boogie Trio

Courtesy of Alex Delrue

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