Time to Rock 'n' Roll with The Eightball Boppers

The genuine fifties rock 'n' roll band Eightball Boppers was founded in december of 2003. The four musicians however, originating from the south of the Netherlands, have been around on the rock-n-roll/rockabilly scene for 20 years, all playing in the former band Keessie & the Seltens of Swing, with whom they even performed in Jackson, Tennessee, USA. And now, with the renewed line-up, they still play with great enthusiasm!

When the Eightball Boppers perform live, it always comes down to a big party. Lead guitar player Bert Damink improvises the inspired and often funny solo licks on his vintage Gibson guitar. Besides a standing bass, the Eightball Boppers also feature standing drums, like the Stray Cats used to have. At every gig the Eightball Boppers try to create an exiting ambiance and interaction with the audience. Most of the time this works out wonderfully; band as well as audience are getting more and more enthusiastic during the event. People who stay in their seats at the beginning usually end up screaming "we want more" in the end, when the Eightball Boppers have given everything they could. If everything is okay, each gig of this genuine rock 'n' roll band ends up in a fairly chaotic mess.

The Eightball Boppers try to reply as much as possible to requests from the audience and it is no exception when total strangers replace the original musicians on stage. This comes in handy for the band members, who can take a rest (and a beer) for a while. The Eightball Boppers can play their songs non-stop, or they start to make a silly conversation in between the songs; it all depends on the mood of the moment. The Eightball Boppers not only play electrically amplified, but can also cope with acoustic conditions, playing totally unplugged. At such moments, the pure rock 'n' roll spirit really appears, together with the harmonious vocals.

The Eightball Boppers, who can be found appearing at fairs, musical festivals, as well as typical rock 'n' roll and fifties and sixties thematical parties, play the songs of Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, Chuck Berry, Eddy Cochran, Johnny Burnette, good old Elvis and many more old rockers. Besides that, the Eightball Boppers have composed a lot of songs of their own, of course totally in line with the original fifties sound. No doubt that the favourite subjects are beer, women, cars, egos and machos. At the moment the Eightball Boppers are working hard to write new songs for a CD which will be recorded early 2004.

In march 2002 the Dutch rock 'n' roll label Rarity Records released a CD of Keessie, with self-written songs as well as cover songs. On this CD, you can already hear the present sound and musical qualities of the Eightball Boppers.

The Eightball Boppers are:
Bert Damink - Lead Guitar
Willy Cornelissen - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Hank Honey - Stand-Up Bass, Vocals
Martijn Willems - Stand-Up Drums, Vocals

Contact information:
Contact Corné Kremers
Beatrixstraat 13
5451 ZB Mill
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)485 453500


Information provided by The Eightball Boppers, 2003